Best Hamburgers in New Bern NC

I have eaten in many place on my journey, some good and some bad. One of the reasons for this site is to help provide you with  some general idea about your meal before you bite in to it.

From the moment you walk into the restaurant your eyes, ears and nose begin to process data. Your eyes dart around the room, scanning the room, probing the crowd, the furnishings, the views and if you are like me, you quickly search for the rating

Your nose savors the odors and your ears provide a quick summary of the ambient sound; is it too loud to enjoy the conversation or is it a level that makes you feel invigorated and lively. If there music, if so, is it pleasing?

As you are seated you quickly decide if the table is to close to the kitchen traffic or restrooms. Does the table rock and roll with each move you make? Are the chairs comfortable? Are the glasses clean? Has the staff helped you feel like you made the right choice?